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1. What are the reactants in photosynthesis?→H2O, CO2, and light energy
2. Which of the following reasons explains why plants appear green?→Plants cannot absorb green light.
3. What roles do pigments, such as chlorophyll, play in photosynthesis?→They determine the types of visible light that can be used for photosynthesis.
4. Where in the cell do the light reactions happen?→The nucleus
5. Where in the cell do the dark reactions happen?→The matrix of the mitochondria
6. In which stage of photosynthesis does carbon fixation occur?→The light reactions
7. Where are the photosystems located in the chloroplast?→The thylakoid lumen
8. Which DNA does that in the chloroplast most closely resemble?→Human DNA
9. Where in the chloroplast is RuBisCo located?→The stomata
10. What drives the movement of protons into the lumen?→H2O molecules that assist the protons
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