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1. What causes protons to move into the stroma?→The protons are pumped into the stroma by the electron transport chain.
2. When is O2 produced during photosynthesis?→During the light reactions, when electrons are pulled from H2O
3. What type of pigments transfers electrons to the electron transport chain?→RuBisCo
4. Why are ATP and NADPH such important molecules in the cell for energy?→They are very strong reducing agents.
5. What happens to the O2 present in CO2 used in the dark reactions?→It leaves as H2O.
6. RuBisCo catalyzes the conversion of CO2 to a ____-carbon-containing molecule?𔾵
7. CAM plants are unique because→they only open their stomata at night.
8. What other cellular organelle is most like the chloroplast because of its evolutionary roots?→The lysosome
9. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a C4 plant?→They only open their stomata at night.
10. Photorespiration→is the process by which light energy is converted to chemical energy.
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