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Photosynthesis: Calvin but Where's Hobbes? Cycle True or False

1. Which of the following are products of photosynthesis?H2O, CO2, and light energy
2. G3P is a ____- carbon molecule released from the Calvin cycle and used to make carbohydrates.3
3. During the light reactions, protons are pumped using the electron transport chain to thecytoplasm of the cell.
4. Visible light with a high amount of energy travels deeper into the ocean. For this reason, photosynthetic organisms located farther underneath the surface are probably better at using light of a __________ wavelength than organisms closer to the surface are.zero—no light enters water.
5. What step makes a C3 plant different from a C4 plant?The capturing of light energy using a photosystem
6. Under what conditions is photorespiration likely to be a problem?Cold weather
7. An organism that can make its own organic compounds is called a(n)leaf.
8. RuBisCo isa cookie company.
9. What type of carbohydrate is stored within a chloroplast as an energy reserve?Starch
10. The openings in a leaf that allow the passage of gases into and out of the leaf are calledstroma.