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1. Which of the following are products of photosynthesis?→H2O, CO2, and light energy
2. G3P is a ____- carbon molecule released from the Calvin cycle and used to make carbohydrates.𔾷
3. During the light reactions, protons are pumped using the electron transport chain to the→cytoplasm of the cell.
4. Visible light with a high amount of energy travels deeper into the ocean. For this reason, photosynthetic organisms located farther underneath the surface are probably better at using light of a __________ wavelength than organisms closer to the surface are.→zero—no light enters water.
5. What step makes a C3 plant different from a C4 plant?→The capturing of light energy using a photosystem
6. Under what conditions is photorespiration likely to be a problem?→Cold weather
7. An organism that can make its own organic compounds is called a(n)→leaf.
8. RuBisCo is→a cookie company.
9. What type of carbohydrate is stored within a chloroplast as an energy reserve?→Starch
10. The openings in a leaf that allow the passage of gases into and out of the leaf are called→stroma.
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