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Photosynthesis Resources


The Sea Slug E. chlorotica and its Habits

An article describing this sea slug's interesting (or "interesting," depending on how much you like sea slugs) behaviors.


Nobel Prize Winners

A list of people who have won the Nobel Prize, as well as their biographies, a summary of their discoveries, and even scientific games! Can you think of a better way to while away the hours?

Light and Waves

A nice summary of light and waves, including slightly strange cartoons and real-life photos of conducted experiments.

C4 Plants

A nice summary of C4 plants, which are some of the world's most important crops. Yeah, we know you've always had a super secret desire to learn more about millet.

Genetically Modified Organisms

New Scientist's website on genetically modified organisms, including a beginner's guide to GM organisms.


Interactive Photosynthesis

This handy dandy interactive explores the basics of photosynthesis. Brought to you by our friends over at NOVA.

Photosynthesis Song

They Might Be Giants to the rescue again! Seriously you guys, stop being so awesome. Actually, don't.

Light Reactions

If you're more of a visual learner, here is an animation of the light reactions.

Dark Reactions

And you can't have light without dark. Here's another animation, this time of the dark reactions.

The Sea Slug E. chlorotica

A video of our favorite sea slug in action. We warn you: the slug is very, very strange looking.

Artificial Photosynthesis

An Emory University-sponsored video on how biomimicry might be important for solar energy.

Photosynthesis Fun

Scientists sure do love singing about things. Here's a song about photosynthesis.


Scientific American

A podcast on our favorite little sea slug. That's right. We will not let you leave here until you have learned at least one fact about sea slugs.

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