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The Picture of Dorian Gray

The Picture of Dorian Gray


by Oscar Wilde

Basil Hallward Timeline and Summary

  • Basil and Lord Henry talk about Basil's newest painting and the young man who inspired it.
  • Basil begs Lord Henry not to speak to Dorian, but Lord Henry ignores him.
  • As Lord Henry speaks to Dorian, Basil completes the picture. Dorian is charmed by how beautiful he is in the portrait.
  • Weeks later, Basil joins Dorian and Lord Henry to see Sibyl at the theatre. He has doubts about Dorian's hasty engagement.
  • Basil leaves after only half the play is over because Sibyl's acting is so bad.
  • After Sibyl's suicide, Basil visits Dorian to comfort him.
  • Basil wants to see his picture, but Dorian stops him. Basil resigns himself to never seeing his portrait again.
  • Dorian wrests a secret from Basil, without revealing his (Dorian's) secret in turn.
  • On the eve of Dorian's thirty-eighth birthday, Basil visits Dorian right before he's scheduled to leave to Paris.
  • Basil's lecture to Dorian on preserving his good name infuriates Dorian and, impulsively, Dorian shows Basil the changed portrait.
  • Basil doesn't recognize the painting as his own. When he sees his signature at the bottom of the portrait he cannot understand how it changed. He is incredibly disturbed at the thought that it might reveal Dorian's soul.
  • Basil begs Dorian to pray for his soul.
  • Dorian murders Basil.