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The Picture of Dorian Gray

The Picture of Dorian Gray


by Oscar Wilde

Lord Henry Wotton Timeline and Summary

  • Lord Henry and Basil discuss Basil's newest painting. Lord Henry is charmed by it and vows to meet the man in picture, despite Basil's plea for him not to meet Dorian Gray.
  • While Basil paints, Lord Henry expounds on youth to Dorian. He is fascinated by Dorian's reaction.
  • The next day, Lord Henry goes to his Uncle George's to find out more information about Dorian's family. He thinks their tragic story is romantic.
  • Later that day, Lord Henry holds Dorian spellbound at a party while his improvises on a theme of youth.
  • Dorian visits Lord Henry to tell him that he has fallen in love with an actress, Sibyl Vane. They arrange a date for Lord Henry and Basil to see her perform.
  • The same day, Lord Henry gets a telegram telling him the Dorian and Sibyl are engaged.
  • Lord Henry, Dorian, and Basil go to the theatre to see Sibyl perform.
  • Lord Henry leaves halfway through the performance because Sibyl's acting is so bad.
  • The next day, Lord Henry goes to Dorian's house to comfort him over Sibyl's death only to find that Dorian doesn't know about it yet.
  • Lord Henry breaks the news to Dorian and comforts him, convincing him it's not his fault.
  • At Dorian's request, Lord Henry sends a book on sensual experience (the "yellow book") to Dorian.
  • Years later, after Dorian has murdered Basil, Lord Henry says something at a party that makes Dorian think Henry's onto him.
  • A while later, Lord Henry helps Dorian entertain guests at Dorian's country house in Selby. He verbally spars with the Duchess of Monmouth.
  • When Dorian is away, he discovers that the Duchess is in love with Dorian.
  • Lord Henry helps Dorian get well after his fright of seeing James' face unexpectedly.
  • Henry comforts Dorian after the hunting accident.
  • Days later, Lord Henry tries to convince Dorian that it is useless to try to be good, but Dorian is adamant.