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Symbol Analysis

There's a lot of alliteration in this poem. The use of different words that begin with the same sound contributes to the idea of unity-in-diversity. It also contributes to the unique, strongly accented sound of the poem. The most common sounds in "Pied Beauty" are f, p, s, and t. Alliteration doesn't really need explanation – it's just fun to use – so we'll just point out all the examples we can find.

  • Line 1: "Glory" and "God"
  • Line 2: "Couple-colour" and "cow"
  • Line 4: "Fresh-firecoal" "falls" and "finches'"
  • Line 5: "Plotted," "pieced," and "plough"; "fold" and "fallow"
  • Line 6: "Trades," "tackle," and "trim"
  • Line 7: "Spare" and "strange"
  • Line 8: "Fickle" and freckled"
  • Line 9: "Swift," "slow," "sweet," and "sour." "Adazzle" and "dim."
  • Line 10: "Fathers-forth"

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