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Piedra de sol

Piedra de sol

by Octavio Paz
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Piedra de sol Death Quotes

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #1

[. . .] a black hole,and there at the bottom the eyes of a girldrowned a thousand years ago, (228-230)

These lines finally reveal the sad ending to the memory that has been causing all this trouble. These lines are huge, because they confirm that the girl from so long ago is actually dead, and has been for a while. Now we know why the speaker is so obsessed, and why he can't get back to his lost love.

Quote #2

nothing happens, you're quiet, you blink,[. . .]the raving, the dark sound we makewhen dying and that pulsebeat of lifeas it's born, and the sound of bones being crushed in the fray and the foaming mouth of the prophetand his scream and the scream of the hangmanand the scream of the victim… (421-455)

The speaker ponders all the possibilities for what death is: is it a quiet passage into nothingness, or a painful, noisy, horrible end? He really works through the options, too, and the noisy ones are kind of scary.

Quote #3

and your final expression, a hard maskis formed over your changing face:the monument that we are to a life, (482-485)

These lines give us the impression that all of life is just a long, drawn-out death. Oh, joy.

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