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Piedra de sol

Piedra de sol


by Octavio Paz

Piedra de sol Resources



This page is dedicated to the poet and his work. Go let your fanboy or fangirl go wild.

The Life and Times of Octavio Paz

Everything you ever wanted to know about the poet's life. And then some.


Get Down with Paz

Mexican psychedelic-folk group Monocordio used the "to love is to battle" lines to inspire one of their songs.

Deep Thoughts

In this clip, some Mexican intellectuals reflect on a quote by Octavio Paz, so check out what others have to say about what he has to say.

Peeping Tom Time

Get right into Paz's home to watch filmmaker Robert Gardner chat with Octavio about a movie he was making.


Creative License

An excerpt beginning with the "Madrid, 1937" section of the poem is read aloud by a fan on YouTube in English. Check out the rad graphics.

All Spanish, All the Time

Listen to the author read the entire poem in the original Spanish. You'll hear it the way it was meant to be heard.


Profile Pic

Here's a shot of the author looking dapper.

Cover Art

Check out the cover of the bilingual edition of Sunstone, in case you want to disguise another book as this one.

Pop Star Paz

Mexican pop-rock group ManĂ¡ used the "to love is to battle" section of "Piedra de sol" for the title of one of their albums.

Articles & Interviews

Dirt Dishing

Alfred Mac Adam interviews the poet on his wild youth and other interesting tidbits for The Paris Review.

The Love Doctor

An article in the New York Times about an elderly Paz's search for love. Hmm, that sounds an awful lot like the speaker in the poem.

Goodbye, Octavio

Check out the New York Times' tribute to the poet upon his death. Tissues may be necessary.


Sunstone/Piedra de sol

Here's Eliot Weinberger's translation in a bilingual edition.

The Collected Poems of Octavio Paz: 1957-1987

This one's got it all. And by all, we mean all.

Octavio Paz by Harold Bloom

Get the scoop on Paz's life and works from eminent scholar and editor Harold Bloom.

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