The Pigman
The Pigman
by Paul Zindel
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The Pigman Chapter 1 Summary

  • John relates how he hates school, and used pull pranks at school such as putting firecrackers in the bathroom. He says that now that he is a sophomore, he has "given up that kid stuff," except for writing on desks.
  • Lorraine, John relates, has had a "miserable look on her face ever since the Pigman died," but she has started to become livelier and more opinionated since they started working on the memorial.
  • He and Lorraine had a disagreement about his use of curse words in the memorial, but reached a compromise when he agreed to represent curses like this: @#$% or 3@#$% for "the raunchiest curse you can think of."
  • He says he has to go because Lorraine is "panting to get at the typewriter."

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