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The Pigman

The Pigman


by Paul Zindel

The Pigman Chapter 10 Summary

  • Lorraine begins the chapter by relating how her mother's suspicion of men stems from the end of her marriage to Lorraine's father. When she was pregnant with Lorraine, her doctor called to tell her that Lorraine's father had "some kind of disease" (i.e., an STD), and that she should "not let him touch her." Lorraine's parents got a legal separation immediately, so Lorraine has never known her father.
  • When Lorraine and John go to Mr. Pignati's that day, he is feeling sad because Bobo wouldn't eat and is getting old. Lorraine remembers the woman in the subway saying "Death is coming."
  • John and Lorraine feel guilty for the way they met Mr. Pignati – lying to him by saying that they were charity workers and taking his money. They confess that they are not charity workers, but Mr. Pignati hardly seems to be listening. He begins to talk about his wife and how much he misses her, and then breaks down crying, finally saying: "She's dead."
  • When John unknowingly eats some chocolate-covered ants, they all laugh, and Mr. Pignati proposes a psychological game. He tells a story involving five characters: a husband, a wife, the wife's lover, a boatman, and an assassin. Mr. Pignati tells a story that ends with the adulterous wife being killed by the assassin. Lorraine and John write down the order in which each character is most responsible. This order is supposed to reveal which of five qualities (fun, love, sex, money, magic) is most important to the respondent.
  • John's list: magic, sex, money, fun, love. Lorraine's list: magic, love, fun, sex, money. Lorraine reflects that these lists are accurate.
  • The three of them start playing tag with their roller skates on. While Mr. Pignati is chasing John up the stairs, he has a heart attack, and goes to the hospital in an ambulance.

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