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The Pigman

The Pigman


by Paul Zindel

The Pigman Chapter 13 Summary

  • Lorraine calls her mother to say that she is at a friend's house doing homework.
  • The party quickly turns into a raucous bash with about forty people and a band. The guests spill drinks, drop cigarettes on rugs, and try on Conchetta's clothes, tearing them.
  • Norton, who has not been invited, arrives. John catches him trying to steal an oscilloscope, and they fight. John, wearing roller skates, gets knocked down, and Norton goes to the pig room, where he begins breaking the pigs, looking for money. Outraged, John punches Norton several times, and Norton knocks him down again.
  • John drunkenly wonders why the band has stopped playing, and hears Lorraine saying: "The Pigman's here!"
  • John sees Mr. Pignati looking down at him, and then passes out.

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