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The Pigman

The Pigman


by Paul Zindel

The Pigman Chapter 4 Summary

  • Lorraine begins by saying that John did not emphasize enough how very disturbed Dennis and Norton are. Norton, especially, "has eyes like a mean mouse," and is a social outcast. Everyone calls him "The Marshmallow Kid," because he got caught stealing a bag of marshmallows from the grocery store.
  • Lorraine continues the story of how they met the Pigman. One day, playing the telephone marathon game, Lorraine cheats by peeking through her fingers and choosing a street address in her neighborhood.
  • This is Mr. Pignati's number. He stays on the phone with her for a long time, telling corny jokes, such as: "What is the best get-well card to get? Four aces!" It is clear to Lorraine that he is very lonely.
  • Lorraine tells him that she is collecting money for "the L and J Fund" (i.e., Lorraine and John Fund), and Mr. Pignati readily agrees to contribute $10. Lorraine and John say they will come the next day to pick up the check.

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