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The Pigman

The Pigman


by Paul Zindel

The Pigman Chapter 7 Summary

  • John relates that he and Lorraine ran into Dennis and Norton on their way to Mr. Pignati's after school, and that, to avoid telling Dennis and Norton where they were going, they ended up drinking beer with them at Masterson's tomb, a secluded part of the local cemetery.
  • At dinner, John argues with his father about his career goal of becoming an actor. John's father calls him a "jackass," and repeatedly tells John that he should work with him. John's father "has a seat on the Coffee Exchange," which means that he has a stressful job buying and selling large amounts of coffee on the world market. John and his father have an argument about John's desire to "be individualistic," and his lack of interest in a business career.
  • When John and Lorraine finally get to Mr. Pignati's, it is evening, and John is struck by how happy he is to see them. John's parents, he reflects, have never been glad to see him.
  • Mr. Pignati invites them to explore the house and make themselves at home. Lorraine finds a picture of a young girl in a confirmation dress, and Mr. Pignati tells them that it's a picture of his wife, Conchetta. Later, John finds a bill for Conchetta Pignati's funeral.

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