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The Pigman

The Pigman


by Paul Zindel

The Pigman Family Quotes

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Quote #4

[Lorraine:] I was glad to be able to get out to the kitchen because it makes me sad to watch my mother brush her hair. My mom is a very pretty woman when she has her long brown hair down, and when she smiles, which is hardly ever. She just doesn't look the way she sounds, and I often wonder how she got this way. It's not exactly easy being her daughter, and more than once I've thought about what a good psychiatrist could do for her. Actually, I think her problems are so deep-rooted she'd need three years of intensive psychoanalysis. (6)

Lorraine shows us that she is sensitive and analytical, and that she tries to understand her mother.

Quote #5

[John:] "Would you like a glass of wine?" Mr. Pignati offered, straightening up a few things in the living room. It was great how happy he was to see us. I can't remember Bore, or my mother either for that matter, ever looking happy to see me, let alone when I came into the house with a friend. (7)

There is an enormous contrast between the lack welcome Lorraine and John feel in their own homes and the incredibly welcome Mr. Pignati gives them. But should he really be giving fifteen-year-olds so much wine?

Quote #6

[Lorraine:] I realized how many things the Pigman and his wife must have shared—even the fun of preparing good food. Good food is supposed to produce good conversation, I've heard. I guess it's no wonder my mother and I never had an interesting conversation when all we eat is canned soup, chop suey, and instant coffee. (8)

Lorraine's contact with Mr. Pignati seems to be broadening her world-view.

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