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The Pigman

The Pigman


by Paul Zindel

Mr. Pignati Timeline and Summary

  • He meets Lorraine and John, who visit him, pretending to be charity workers. He is very happy to see them, smiles a lot, serves them wine, and invites them meet him at the zoo the next day.
  • Before they leave, he shows them his precious collection of ceramic pigs.
  • He meets Lorraine and John at the zoo. He shows them Bobo, a baboon he calls his "best friend."
  • Lorraine and John visit his house again, and he shows them around, telling them repeatedly to "make themselves at home."
  • He takes Lorraine and John to Beekman's department store in Manhattan. They visit the gourmet food section and the pet department, where they see three monkeys in a cage, hugging each other. Last, they go to the toy department, where he buys roller skates for all three of them.
  • He tells John and Lorraine that his wife is dead, not in California.
  • Mr. Pignati, John, and Lorraine play tag with their roller skates on. Chasing John up the stairs, Mr. Pignati has a heart attack. He goes to the hospital in an ambulance.
  • John and Lorraine visit him in the hospital and attempt to return his house keys to him. He tells them to keep them and continue to make themselves at home in his house.
  • He comes home unexpectedly the following Friday night and finds that John and Lorraine are hosting a large, wild party in his house. Some of the guests have torn Conchetta's dresses, and, worst of all, Norton has broken his ceramic pigs.
  • Mr. Pignati goes up stairs, crying, holding one of the torn dresses.
  • After Lorraine and John call the next day to apologize, he meets them at the zoo. He learns that Bobo is dead, and dies of a second heart attack.