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The Pigman

The Pigman


by Paul Zindel

The Pigman Versions of Reality Quotes

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Quote #7

[Lorraine:] There was one woman at Chambers Street who was talking to herself a mile a minute, and I know now it was another omen.

"Death is coming," she kept repeating. "God told me death is coming. He calls me his little chatty doll…God's chatty doll…."

It's sort of spooky how when you're caught talking to God nowadays everybody thinks you're nuts. They used to call you a prophet. (8)

"God's chatty doll" – another very creepy moment! Would anyone, ever, have thought that this woman was a prophet? Lorraine can't seriously think so.

Quote #8

[Lorraine:] I—and maybe now even the Pigman—were the only ones he [John] knew who could understand that doing something like roller-skating out of Beekman's was not absolutely crazy. Everything in his home had to have a purpose. There was no one there who could understand doing something just for fun—something crazy—and that was what he'd liked about me from that first day when I laughed on the bus and was just as crazy as he was. (8)

This is what Lorraine and John love about Mr. Pignati, that he shares their love of fun, crazy activities.

Quote #9

[Lorraine:] She's always warning me about getting into cars and things like that. When she goes to work on a night shift, she constantly reminds me to lock the doors and windows, and sometimes she calls on the phone if she gets a chance and tells me again. Beware of men is what she's really saying. They have dirty minds, and they're only after one thing. Rapists are roaming the earth. (10)

How did Lorraine's mom end up like this? Could this kind of obsession be the result of her discovery, fifteen years ago, of her husband's infidelity? We never learn much about Lorraine's mother's past, not even her first name.

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