The Pigman
The Pigman
by Paul Zindel
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The Pigman Youth Quotes Page 4

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Quote #10

[Lorraine:] "I didn't do anything wrong," I said slowly, unsure of what her next move would be. I wanted to scream the thoughts that were flashing through my mind at her. I wanted to tell her how she didn't know anything about me—how she hadn't noticed that I happened to be a human being myself . . . that I wasn't still the little girl that waved from the window when she stood at a bus stop. Look at me, I wanted to yell, can't you see I'm growing up and that I've got to have friends? That I want to have friends—that I need other people in this world besides you!" (14)

Like John wishes his father understood him, Lorraine wishes her mother understood her and treated her like a separate person with rights and desires.

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