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Pioneers! O Pioneers!

Pioneers! O Pioneers!


by Walt Whitman

Love and Friendship

Symbol Analysis

Our speaker's admiring love for the pioneers (and perhaps for the whole world) draws everything in the poem together. And part of what he praises and admires about pioneers? Why, their comradeship and love for one another, of course.

  • Lines 33-35: This metaphor of all Americans sharing the same veins presents a strong image of shared bonds. Or is it shared bodies?
  • Line 37: Our speaker uses alliteration here, and the fact that we find it sonically pleasing, to convey to the reader how captivating this race of pioneers is. We think it might be the way we find that repeating r-sound irresistible that helps us get a sense of the irresistibility our speaker is talking about.
  • Lines 38-39: Our speaker tosses a little parallelism our way. The parallel structure of the two phrases beginning with "O" and ending with "for all" makes for a kind of linguistic unity even as he unites the whole pioneer race within the bounds of his love.
  • Line 4, 8, 12…104: And then there's the refrain. The rapture and admiration conveyed in these three words as they repeat throughout the poem probably does more to convey the bond of love and friendship that our speaker feels than anything else in the poem. He really loves those pioneers. A lot.

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