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Best of the Web



For all your Whitman needs.

A Poet's Preface

Have a looksee at Whitman's famous preface to the 1885 edition of Leaves of Grass.


These Ain't Your Mom's Jeans

Check out this Levi's commercial, which made famous use of Whitman's "Pioneers! O Pioneers!"

Blue Jean Baby

No, not L.A. lady. Hear Whitman read Whitman, in this even more famous Levi's commercial.


"Pioneers! O Pioneers"

You haven't lived until you've heard this one aloud. We're not joking.


The Beard to End All Beards

Sported by none other that Whitman himself. Seriously, you could get lost in that thing. We think there are gnomes living in there.

Whitman's Hand

Well, not his hand. But his handwriting.


Leaves of Grass

Read it. Cover to cover. It's the most important book in American poetry. For realsies. (Oh, and "Pioneers! O Pioneers!" is on page 183.)

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