The Plague
The Plague
by Albert Camus
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The Plague Duty Quotes Page 6

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Quote #16

"Doctor," Rambert said, "I’m not going. I want to stay with you."


"And what about her?" His voice was hardly audible.

Rambert said he’d thought it over very carefully, and his views hadn’t changed, but if he went away, he would feel ashamed of himself, and that would embarrass his relations with the woman he loved.

Showing more animation, Rieux told him that was sheer nonsense; there was nothing shameful in preferring happiness." (4.2.69-73)

Is it just us, or is Rieux actually trying to convince Rambert to cut and run? You could continue with our previous claim that the doctor is trying to live through Rambert, or you could argue that, far more nobly, Rieux is trying to make sure the man is pure of heart. It is not enough for him to stay in Oran, but he must stay in Oran for the right reasons.

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