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1. Roots are important to plants for which reasons?→Performing photosynthesis
2. Sporophytes are the dominant generation in all types of plants except:→Bryophtyes
3. Gymnosperms and angiosperms are pretty similar, because they share all of the following except:→Pollen
4. Which tissue is involved in the transport of water in plants?→Ground tissue
5. Of the two types of cells involved in water transport, which occurs only in angiosperms?→Vessel elements
6. Primary cells/tissues come directly from what plant part? (Hint: it is a zone of high cell division activity.)→Apical meristem
7. If a short day plant has a critical day length of 11 hours, which 24-hour cycle would prevent flowering?󑴒 hours light/14 hours dark
8. The ratio of which two hormones determines shoot vs. root development?→gibberellin and ethylene
9. What are the male floral parts called?→Stamens
10. Water potential’s two components are:→kinetic and potential energy
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