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Plant Biology

Plant Biology

Plant Biology: Make Like a Tree True or False

1. After their experiment, the Darwins concluded that grass stems bend toward light because: -> The epidermis senses light and absicisic acid builds up on the dark side of the stem.
2. Secondary growth makes plants: -> Wider
3. In the ABC model of flowering, which gene doesn’t do anything by itself? -> B
4. In order to flower, long day plants need: -> Day length longer than their critical photoperiod
5. Which plants have alternation of generations? -> Bryophytes
6. What are the main tissues in plants? -> tracheids and vessel elements
7. Which cells are dead when functional? -> Sporocytes
8. The layers of which tissue form wood? -> Secondary xylem
9. Which plant cell is correctly paired with its tissue? -> Guard cell—dermal tissue
10. Which can be found in leaves? -> Spongy mesophyll and palisade parenchyma