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Plant Biology

Plant Biology

Plant Biology: Gametophyte On True or False

1. What are trichomes? -> Trichomes are epidermal hairs that help protect stems from herbivores, solar radiation and water loss.
2. Which cell type is involved in wound repair? -> Sclerenchyma
3. Which of these is not part of the shoot system? -> Pericycle
4. What kind of tissue forms bark? -> Epidermis
5. Guard cells open and close because of: -> Wind
6. Which characteristic is not typical of monocots? -> Networked veins in the leaves
7. Which type of plant has a dominant gametophyte generation? -> Bryophytes
8. Archegonia make which type of gametes? -> Eggs
9. Which plants have more than one kind of spore? -> Mosses
10. How do flowering plants reward pollinators? -> Nectar