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Plant Evolution and Diversity

Plant Evolution and Diversity

Plant Evolution and Diversity: Phyte for Your Right to Party (and Keep Breathing…Thanks, Plants) True or False

1. Alternation of generations involves what two types of plants alternating? -> Bryophytes and algae
2. If you were testing the enemy release hypothesis for an invasive plant species, what factor would be important to examine? -> Herbivore abundance and rate of damage on the invasive plant in the introduced habitat only
3. What type of plant does NOT have a sporophyte as its dominant generation? -> Angiosperms
4. Groups of cells that anchor bryophytes and fern gametophytes to the ground are called -> spores
5. What term is NOT used to describe a fern leaf? -> Tracheophyte
6. What trait was NOT adaptive to life on land? -> All of the above were adaptive for life on land.
7. What plant is particularly important for its use as fuel? -> Sphagnum
8. Angiosperms give their seeds a nice situation in life. Which of the following is true about angiosperm seeds? -> Seeds are protected by the flower.
9. Monocots can be distinguished from eudicots because monocots have -> parallel venation
10. A vicariance event is when -> species look the same even though they aren’t closely related