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Plant Evolution and Diversity

Plant Evolution and Diversity


1. What is NOT a way to detect evolutionary relationships?→Biochemical
2. Angiosperms became the dominant plants in the world because→of all of the above
3. Phylogenetics is the study of→how species are related to each other
4. One of the challenges plants needed to overcome when they moved to land was→drying out
5. A pollen grain contains→a microgametophyte
6. What type of fossil would you need a microscope to see?→Fossil pollen
7. From the evolution of bryophytes to the evolution of angiosperms, the gametophyte generation→grew to ten times its original size
8. You board a plane in California and get off in Spain. When you arrive, you are not surprised to see similar plants to the ones you saw in California, because of→convergent evolution
9. An example of a living fossil is→silverswords in Hawaii
10. What levels of organization do NOT evolve?→Populations
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