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Poetry (by Moore)

Poetry (by Moore)


by Marianne Moore

Poetry (by Moore) Literature and Writing Quotes

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Quote #1

Poetry (title)

This one-word title appears simple, but the rest of the poem makes us realize that it's actually a big mystery. How does the speaker define poetry? What specifically about poetry does she dislike? What does it mean for poetry to be "a place"? Is "the genuine" the defining characteristic of poetry, or is it something we only occasionally find in poetry? If you're interested in thinking more about this, check out "What's Up With the Title?"

Quote #2

Reading it (line 2)

In "Poetry," the speaker does not describe her own writing process, but rather her experience of reading poetry. She presents herself as a fellow reader, just like you and me. Nonetheless, we can still read her poem as a prescription for how poems should be written. She seems to be saying that the value of poetry lies in the reader's discovery of the genuine, and poets should consider how they might best produce this effect.

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