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Algebra in Geometry Exercises

Example 1

An angle's measure is 6x + 9. If its complement is 27°, what is the value of x?

Example 2

Two complementary angles, ∠ABC and ∠CBD, have measurements of x + 7 and 2x + 5 degrees, respectively. What are the measurements of these angles?

Example 3

Vertical angles have measurements of 3x – 2 and 2x + 28. What are the measurements of these angles?

Example 4

Two supplementary angles have measurements of x + 30 and 3x2. What are the measurements of both angles?

Example 5

A segment is bisected into pieces measuring x + 2 and 42 – 3x. How long is the segment?

Example 6

An angle is eight times larger than its complement. What are the measures of both angles?