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1. How many lines can be formed from three points?𔾴
2. How many degrees are in a right angle?�
3. Which of the following best describes vertical angles?→Opposite angles formed by intersecting lines
4. Which of the following is always another name for ∠ABC?→∠BCA
5. How many endpoints does a ray have?𔾴
6. Adjacent angles always share which of the following?→One side and equal measurements
7. An obtuse and an acute angle are added together. The resulting angle will be…→Between 90° and 180°
8. Which of the following is untrue?→All of the above are untrue.
9. Lines m and n are perpendicular. Which of the following is false?→The lines form a 90° angle
10. B is between A and C. Which of the following is true?→AB and BC are parallel
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