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Points, Lines, Angles, and Planes

Points, Lines, Angles, and Planes


1. "An angle is bigger than its complement." This statement is…→True for some angles
2. If two angles are supplementary, which of the following must be true?→Their measures add to 180 degrees
3. A, B, C, and D are not collinear, and B is between A and C. Which of the following is impossible?→∠DBA and ∠DBC are supplementary
4. ∠1 measures 40° and ∠2 measures 45°. Which of the following is possible?→∠1 and ∠2 are supplementary
5. What is the relationship between ∠CHF and ∠CFH?

→The angles are congruent

6. If m∠ACH = 3x + 7 and m∠DCE = 4x – 3, what is the measure of ∠ACB?


7. What is the measure of ∠DCB?


8. If m∠CFH = 45, what is m∠GFH equal to?


9. If line p bisects DH, what is the midpoint of DH?


10. If C is the midpoint of BF and BC = 8, what is the measurement of BF?󑴘
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