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A Poison Tree

A Poison Tree


by William Blake

A Poison Tree Resources


Blake's Printing Method

A discussion of Blake's revolutionary printing method—with pictures!

Blake Quiz

Feeling smart? Take this rather difficult quiz about William Blake.

Blake Biography

Check out Blake's entry at Biography Online.


Animated Tree

A very cool animated interpretation of the poem FYE.

Classic Poison

Here's "A Poison Tree" displayed with some classical music.

Dramatic Vid

Fun with video editing here!

We Plan on Sleeping

Wake up—it's a William Blake sing-a-long.


Reading, with Creepy Tree

A reading, with a cool picture, of the poem.

Librivox Recording

This one doesn't have the best quality audio, but hey! It's free…


Poison Tree, Illustrated

Here's "A Poison Tree," as it appeared in the illuminated version of Songs of Innocence and Experience

William and Catherine Blake's Headstone

Here is the headstone of William Blake and his wife, Catherine. Morbid, yes, but interesting, too.

William Blake

A famous portrait of Blake, if you're into the classics.

Title Page of Songs of Innocence and Experience

This is one version of the title page of Songs of Innocence and Experience.


The Complete Illuminated

Get the poems with the drawings.

Poetry for Young People: William Blake

See? We told you his style was kid-friendly.

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