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Political Parties Books

John Judis and Ruy Teixiera, The Emerging Democratic Majority (2002)

Written in 2002, Judis and Teixiera predicted a Democratic victory in 2008 as social and economic changes converged to produce a new Democratic majority. The book provides interesting context for analyzing Barack Obama's historic election, and a provocative answer to those arguing that the Democratic victory was fueled only by the economic crisis.

Ronald Rapoport and Walter Stone, Three's a Crowd: The Dynamic of Third Parties, Ross Perot, and Republican Resurgence (2005)

There are more readable biographies of Ross Perot, but this book provides a compelling and authoritative analysis of Perot's campaign within the context of the history of minor parties in American politics.

Sandy Maisel, American Political Parties and Election: A Very Short Introduction (2007)

As the title suggests, this book provides a brief introduction to the history and role of political parties in American politics. Written by a scholar, it is a good place to start for the student or general reader.

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