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Political Parties Images

Federalist Attack Ad

This Federalist Party poster portrayed Republican Thomas Jefferson kneeling for the altar of French radicalism as the American eagle (no doubt a Federalist bird) saved the Constitution. The letter to Mazzei referenced Jefferson's blasphemous comments to the Frenchman about President George Washington.

The Log Cabin Campaign of 1840

The popularity of Democrat Andrew Jackson among common people inspired even the Democrats' Whig opponents to emphasize their common backgrounds.

Lincoln's Nomination

This etching of the1860 Republican Convention that nominated Abraham Lincoln first appeared in Harper's Magazine.

Nomination-Winning Speech

William Jennings Bryan delivers his famous "cross of gold" speech at the 1896 Democratic National Convention. Three days later, he received the party nomination.

Pro-business Republican

William McKinley's 1896 campaign for the presidency cast the Republicans as the party of monetary responsibility and business-based prosperity.

Building the New Deal Coalition

Franklin Roosevelt campaigns for the presidency in 1932. During this campaign, he began to build the "New Deal Coalition" that would elect him to four terms in office.

Religion and Politics

President Ronald Reagan and evangelical leader Billy Graham. Religious conservatives were an important element within the Republican base forged by Reagan in the 1980s.

An Unconventional Politician

Independent presidential candidate Ross Perot

Presidential Candidate?

Ross Perot's style and methods were easily caricatured, but after winning nineteen percent of the vote, they were widely imitated.

A New Democratic Coalition?

President Barack Obama campaigning in 2008

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