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Algebra II Terms

Get down with the lingo

Binomial Theorem

A way to expand binomials raised to a power without actually multiplying them out.

End Behavior

The way a graph of a polynomial looks at its ends. Also describes how a polynomial shakes its booty on the dance floor.

Pascal's Triangle

A shortcut to find the coefficients of a binomial expansion.

Perfect Square Trinomial

A polynomial of the form a2 + 2ab + b2.


An algebraic expression with one or more terms linked by addition, subtraction, or multiplication.

Remainder Theorem

When dividing a polynomial P(x) by xa, the remainder is equal to P(a).


A solution to an equation; aka a zero; where the graph crosses the x-axis

Synthetic Division

A shortcut to dividing a polynomial by a binomial of the form of x a.


A solution to an equation; aka a root; where the graph crosses the x-axis

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