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Polynomials Topics

Polynomials explanations, examples, practice problems. Ready? Let’s do this.


If you're still not sure what exponents are, feel free to travel back in time to Unit 1. We're traveling to whatever planet polynomials are from in this little fantasy of ours, so we don't see...

Defining Polynomials

It's been a while since we mentioned them, and now your brain is in a total "exponent" zone. It's okay. We're here for you.Like aliens, polynomials come in many shapes, sizes, and extradimensional...

Evaluating Polynomials

Evaluating a polynomial is like evaluating any other expression. We substitute the given value(s) for each and every variable. Then we do the necessary plusing and minusing to find an answer. If yo...

Combining Polynomials

Adding PolynomialsTo add polynomials, all we do is combine like terms in the same way as we would with any other expression. Sorry, we know you were probably hoping for something new and wildly d...

Multiplying Polynomials

Multiplying polynomials involves using the distributive property. A lot. We'll start with the easiest case, and gradually work our way up to multiplying multiple multiple polynomials together multi...

Factoring Polynomials

We've already talked about factoring expressions, or breaking them down into parts or factors. We practiced finding the greatest common factor (GCF) of a collection of terms, and pulling it out o...

Introduction to Polynomial Equations

There are two different definitions of polynomial equation that appear in books, on web sites, and in bathroom stalls, but the two definitions actually mean the same thing. Here, we'll prove it. In...

In the Real World

Scientific NotationEarth-shattering fact: Scientists use math. Some mathematicians even use science. Too bad more of them don't use soap. Ooh, ice burn.We're not only talking about white-haired men...
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