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Portrait d'une Femme

Portrait d'une Femme


by Ezra Pound

Portrait d'une Femme Resources


Critics on "Portrait d'une Femme"

The Modern American Poetry site features selections from various interpretations of the poem.

Pound on Poets.org

The American Academy of Poets has a page on Pound, featuring a short biography and some of his most famous poems.


Ezra Pound: Voices & Visions

This is a collection of clips from the documentary <em>Voices & Visions</em>, which features readings of Pound's poetry by the poet himself, as well as great contextual and biographical information.

A Reading of "Portrait d'une Femme"

Tom O'Bedlam, a YouTube user, reads the poem aloud while screening the text. He has a great reading voice, and this is a fun way to review and re-experience the poem.

The Ballad of Ezra Pound

Rock band The Ringwood Pigs collaged together several of Pound's verses and set them to some pretty groovy music.


Pound Aloud

PennSound offers a number of recordings of Pound reading his own writing.


Portrait of the Poet as Young Man

A photograph of Pound, taken a year after he published "Portrait d'une Femme."

Portrait of the Poet as a Phallus

Some readers have criticized "Portrait d'une Femme" for having a very male-centric perspective. While this is debatable, artist Henri Gaudier-Brzeska certainly emphasizes Pound's "male ego" in his 1914 sculpture <em>Hieratic Head of Ezra Pound</em>.

The "Femme"

A photo of actress Florence Farr, , who is widely reported to be the muse for Pound's poem.

Historical Documents


The <em>Ripostes of Ezra Pound</em>, published in 1912, features the first print appearance of "Portrait d'une Femme."


The Pound Era

If you were going to a desert island and, by some strange and cruel twist of fate, were only allowed one book about Pound to read, this 1973 study by Hugh Kenner is undoubtedly the one to take.

Modern Woman: Her Intentions

The "femme" in her own words! Florence Farr, who is widely reported to be the muse for Pound's poem, published this book in 1910, just two years before "Portrait d'une Femme," to outline her vision of modern feminism.

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