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Portrait in Georgia

Portrait in Georgia


by Jean Toomer

Portrait in Georgia Resources


Modern American Poetry

This one's got everything you ever wanted to know about ol' Jean, plus a ton of great scoop on "Portrait." So click away, Shmoopers.


The go-to for all things poetry, Poets.org has the goods on our guy.

The Experts

Break out the tweed, Shmoopers. It's time to hear from the academics on "Portrait in Georgia."


Consult a Student…

… for a biographical video. This video doesn't tell you much you couldn't glean elsewhere, but it's nice to have it all in one place.


"I See Her Lovely There"

Here's a reading of another Toomer classic. And be sure to let Shmoop know if you can find a reading of "Portrait in Georgia," too. We came up empty.


Portrait of the Poet

Check out this famous portrait of a dapperly dressed Toomer by painter Weinold Reiss.

Photo of the Poet

Does anyone else think he looks like David Strathairn?



Anyone will tell you that the novel containing "Portrait in Georgia" is well worth a read. Or two or three.

The Lives of Jean Toomer: A Hunger for Wholeness

This biography by Cynthia Earl Kerman and Richard Eldridge has quite the title.

Jean Toomer and the Terrors of American History

Would one of those terrors be lynching?

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