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Poseidon (Neptune)'s Wall


Hey, Seaweed Brain, if you're not too busy playing with your tridents, the Olympians are meeting on Tuesday to plan Aphrodite's birthday party.   

I'll be there. Zeus, I really wish you would call me by my real name.

Oh! Sorry, Ocean Butt.


Daddy, did you get that bad man yet?

Don't worry, son. Odysseus will pay bigtime for what he's done.


Yeah, he took my only eyeball from me. That's NOT COOL.

Uncle Poseidon, do you feel up for another competition? The humans are building a new city, and they will need a patron god. I'm ready to win – again.

Darling, I don't think humans are worth my time. If the Athenians chose a lowly olive branch over my extraordinary invention (a spring at the Acropolis), then I think that proves humans don't have the taste or sophistication to appreciate my genius.

Whatever, Poseidon. You are just scared of losing to me again.

Go away.

Can you please remove the curse you've placed over Athens and give us back our healthy water supply?



Hi babycakes.

How are you liking that new hairdo, Medusa?


I hate you.


Hey, didn't I sever your head?


I'm a monster, not a mortal.

My favorite brother! Want to switch kingdoms for a little bit? I think you'd like the underworld…

Absolutely not.

Suit yourself. You're missing out, though.

Poor me.

Dr. Dionysus

Poseidon, my friend. We missed you at anger management class last night. Mind if I stop by the ocean palace and say hi?

Yes, I do.

Dr. Dionysus

But, Lord Poseidon, you have been ordered to attend anger management class every Thursday night for all eternity.

I make the rules here. DON'T MAKE ME ANGRY. I feel a storm brewing.

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