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Postwar Suburbia Websites

The Development of Suburbia

The State Museum of Pennsylvania presents a veritable treasure trove of information about the development of suburbia. The online exhibit honors the 50th anniversary of Levittown, Pennsylvania, with information rich in breadth and depth.

Urban Development Timeline

This Urban Development Timeline tracks significant events, legislation, and trends in the development of American cities and suburbs.

50 Years of the Eisenhower Interstate Highway System

The U.S. Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration present a website commemorating 50 years of the Eisenhower Interstate Highway System. It features heavy-hitting historical content, and some contemporary transportation officials' comments about the highway system's historic impact. Check out the fascinating interstate system and population density map, quotes about the development of roads, and some interesting accounts from the men and women who witnessed this growth.

"America on the Move"

The National Museum of American History presents "America on the Move," an interactive website that allows us to virtually travel across America and study photographs, maps, and artifacts from the road in order to explore the various ways that transportation has shaped the way Americans live their lives.

Questions About Conformity

Columbia American History online presents a series of document-based clues to help answer the question, "To what extent did the decade of the 1950s deserve its reputation as one of consensus and conformity?"

The Original Levittowns

The University of Illinois at Chicago offers a rich collection of photographs taken by residents of and visitors to the country's original Levittowns. Check out first-person accounts and vintage snapshots of life in the nation's first suburbs, along with detailed descriptions of home floor plans.

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