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by Adrienne Rich

Power Resources


Rockin' Rich

The Poetry Foundation has a comprehensive rundown of her life and her work.

Some Critics Weigh in on "Power"

Do you agree or disagree?

Marie Curie

Here's a brief but informative bio on the kick-butt physicist and chemist.

Zombie Marie Curie

No, we're not kidding about this.


Marie Curie in a Silent Video

Check out the great lady at work in her lab in 1923 (yes, 1923). Just imagine trying to do lab work in a long-sleeved dress.

A Tribute to Rich's Life and Work

Democracy Now brings us a great introduction to Rich's poetry and activism.

Adrienne Rich Herself

Watch and listen as the poet does her thing.


An NPR Interview with Rich

Shmoop highly recommends this one if you're digging Adrienne.


Marie Curie

Thinking some deep thoughts, don't you think?

Marie and her Man Pierre

Power couple ain't the half of it.

What are you thinking, Adrienne?

We hope good thoughts.

Articles & Interviews

An Interview with Rich

This one's got it all—her thoughts on poetry, dealing with the critics, and the women's' movement.


The Dream of a Common Language

Check out "Power" in its original context, and hey, check out some other poems while you're at it.

Collected Early Poems

Read a whole bunch of Rich's work here.

On Secrets, Lies, and Silence

Got a hankering for some feminist prose? Adrienne's essays are a great place to start.

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