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Mr. Darcy Timeline and Summary

  • Mr. Darcy slights Elizabeth, saying he won't dance with a woman that other men reject.
  • Mr. Darcy makes himself odious to the entire village, to the Bennet family as a whole, and especially to Elizabeth Bennet.
  • Mr. Darcy begins to admire Elizabeth more and more. Due to his consciousness of his position in life in comparison to hers, he tries to avoid her.
  • Finding himself constantly in Elizabeth's company when she visits her friend Charlotte, he finally cannot bear it any longer and proposes.
  • It's clear that he expects her to accept, but Elizabeth says "no" very emphatically, with lots of accusations.
  • Mr. Darcy writes a letter to Elizabeth explaining his actions. First, he says he steered Mr. Bingley away from Jane because he believed Jane did not love him, and because the actions of Elizabeth's family were boorish. Second, he explains that he did not cheat Mr. Wickham out of his inheritance; rather, Mr. Wickham squandered the money that Mr. Darcy gave him and tried to seduce his little sister.
  • Mr. Darcy is pleasant and inviting when he meets Elizabeth and the Gardiners on his estate, Pemberley. He introduces Elizabeth to his little sister. His entire character and manner have changed.
  • Mr. Darcy secretly arranges to pay for Mr. Wickham's debts and bribes him to marry Lydia Bennet.
  • Mr. Darcy comes back to visit the Bennets with his friend Mr. Bingley and, finding that Elizabeth has learned to love him, he proposes for a second time and she accepts.