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Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice


by Jane Austen

Miss Caroline Bingley Timeline and Summary

  • When Jane is ill at Netherfield, Miss Bingley enjoys gossiping about Elizabeth behind her back. She likes to tease Mr. Darcy, who once made a comment that he liked Elizabeth's eyes; she constantly makes reference to him marrying Elizabeth Bennet—and how will he like his new mother-in-law?
  • Miss Bingley joins Mr. Darcy in encouraging her brother to drop his intentions toward Jane.
  • Miss Bingley receives Jane in London and responds once, as politeness demands, but the friendship is effectively over.
  • Miss Bingley is annoyed and angry when Mr. Darcy invites Elizabeth to his estate to meet his sister. When Elizabeth leaves, she abuses her and tries to encourage Mr. Darcy to do the same.
  • After Jane and Mr. Bingley are engaged, she writes an affectionate letter to Jane, which does not fool Jane but placates her.
  • She's mad when Darcy and Elizabeth marry, but her anger is tempered by the thought of never being able to visit Pemberley again. She swallows her rage in order to maintain the "friendship."