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Pride and Prejudice Chapter 19 Summary

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  • After breakfast, Mr. Collins goes over to Longbourn and asks to "speak to Elizabeth alone."
  • That's code for "I'm going to propose to your daughter now."
  • So, Mrs. Bennet clears her other daughters out of the room. Fast.
  • Mr. Collins gets down to business, proposing in a, well, businesslike manner.
  • He points out his extreme thoughtfulness in proposing to a Bennet girl because he's going to inherit their house one day.
  • He also points out that Elizabeth is poor and that he is generous.
  • Elizabeth tells him, Thanks, but no thanks.
  • Mr. Collins says, I get it! You really mean "ask me again later."
  • Elizabeth responds, No, I really mean "no."
  • Before she can sprint out of the room, Mr. Collins tells her that he understands feminine behavior, and he'll propose again soon.
  • Mr. Collins details his qualifications as a husband (there aren't many) and concludes by telling Elizabeth that he, again, doesn't believe her refusal is genuine. He thinks she's being an "elegant female."
  • In polite nineteenth-century British terms, Elizabeth tells him to get lost.
  • Mr. Collins calls her charming and says that she'll accept him after her parents pressure her.
  • Oh you guys, it's so romantic! Not.
READ THE BOOK: Chapter 19

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