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Pride and Prejudice Chapter 20 Summary

READ THE BOOK: Chapter 20
  • Mrs. Bennet starts congratulating them as soon as they leave the room.
  • Mr. Collins is all, Thanks! She said no, but I'm sure she's just trying to be a proper female!
  • Mrs. Bennet, being about an iota more perceptive than Mr. Collins, realizes that Elizabeth doesn't intend to marry Mr. Collins.
  • She freaks out and yells for her husband.
  • In the study, Mrs. Bennet threatens to never see Elizabeth again if she continues to refuse Mr. Collins, at which point Mr. Bennet threatens to never see Elizabeth again if she accepts Mr. Collins.
  • Tricky.
  • Meanwhile, Charlotte Lucas arrives. Very convenient, Miss Lucas.
  • Mr. Collins, completely confused about the reasons for his rejection, finally saves a little face and withdraws his proposal.

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READ THE BOOK: Chapter 20

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