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Pride and Prejudice Chapter 43 Summary

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  • Elizabeth is nervous and excited as their carriage approaches Pemberley.
  • When the housekeeper shows them around, Elizabeth is delighted. It's all decked out in really good taste, and she can't help thinking that it could have been her house.
  • Then she checks herself, realizing that Darcy would never have let her invite her aunt and uncle to visit.
  • Mrs. Gardiner calls Elizabeth over to see a painting of Mr. Wickham, and the housekeeper explains that Wickham was a son of the late master's steward. He has gone in the army, she says, and has become very wild.
  • Also, Mr. Darcy is the best landlord and the best master EVAR. She really digs him.
  • She shows them the rooms Mr. Darcy set up specifically to make his sister happy.
  • Hm, thinks Elizabeth. Maybe she's really misjudged him.
  • They're just leaving the house to check out the gardens when …
  • It's Mr. Darcy!
  • !!1!!!!
  • Elizabeth manages not to run away and hide. Instead, she just blushes. So does he, but then he comes forward and greets her with total politeness.
  • In fact, she's never seen him act so nice. He asks about her family and—well, it's actually super awkward. But he's definitely trying.
  • They walk back to her aunt and uncle, and Mr. Darcy asks for an introduction.
  • She figures he can't possibly think they're related to her, because they look and act so nice, and a little part of her is looking forward to seeing him backtrack when he realizes who they are.
  • But he continues to be friendly and polite, even inviting Mr. Gardiner to come fish in his very own personal pond with his very own personal tackle.
  • Could Mr. Darcy possibly still love her??
  • Well, he's definitely inviting her to meet his sister, which is a pretty good sign. That's the biggest compliment he can pay her.
  • Later, the Gardiners insist that Mr. Darcy is perfect in every way, and they're a little surprised that his behavior differed so dramatically from Wickham's description.
  • Uh, says Elizabeth, it's possible that Wickham isn't as reliable as they had all believed.
READ THE BOOK: Chapter 43

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