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Pride and Prejudice Chapter 58 Summary

READ THE BOOK: Chapter 58
  • The moment you've all been waiting for: Colin Firth takes off his shirt.
  • Sorry, no. That was the movie.
  • But what happens in this chapter is even better!
  • Mr. Darcy comes back from London, where he's been staying, and he and Mr. Bingley go out walking with Jane and Elizabeth.
  • As soon as she finds herself alone with Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth starts thanking him on behalf of her family.
  • It was all for you, he says. And he wants to know if she feels the same way about him as she did last April.
  • He feels the same, i.e. he still loves her.
  • Elizabeth, of course, lets him know that she is completely in love with him, although she does it in an incredibly roundabout way.
  • She soon learns that it was his aunt that clued him in to Elizabeth's change of heart.
  • Lady Catherine called on him in London on her way back to her estate and told him the details of her conversation with Elizabeth, hoping to convince him that Elizabeth was unsuitable as a wife.
  • Instead, she just managed to convince him that Lizzy liked him.
  • Okay, this isn't exactly making out in the rain, but it's still a really sweet love scene. You should check it out.
READ THE BOOK: Chapter 58

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