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Pride and Prejudice Chapter 44 Summary

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  • The very morning of Miss Darcy's arrival, she and Mr. Darcy come to call on Elizabeth and the Gardiners.
  • Lizzy is nervous, and the Gardiners realize that something is up. Like, Mr. Darcy might be in love with her.
  • Miss Darcy is totally sweet, just a little shy—but definitely not proud.
  • And now it's a real reunion, because Mr. Bingley shows up and is super excited to see them all. (And he's definitely not in love with Georgiana Darcy, which, if you ask us, is a good thing, because the girl is like 16 years old.)
  • Before they leave, the Darcys invite everyone to Pemberley for dinner the night after next.
  • Bingley says he has a lot to talk to Elizabeth about, like (hint, hint) her sister.
  • The Gardiners soon discover that people in Lambton have a great opinion of Darcy, while they don't have many kind words for Wickham.
  • Well, that's telling. If anybody would know whether Mr. Darcy is actually cruel and unjust, it would be the people who have lived near him (and probably paid rent to him) all his life.
  • Elizabeth thinks about Darcy all night. Mostly, she feels grateful—grateful that he's not holding her past behavior against her.
  • Elizabeth and Mrs. Gardiner decide that it would be polite to call on Miss Darcy the next morning.
READ THE BOOK: Chapter 44

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