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  • As they head back home, the Gardiners try to put the best face on the situation.
  • They say Wickham can't possibly mean not to marry Lydia. Could he expect the regiment not to force him to marry her? Or kick him out?
  • Still, Elizabeth is not convinced. She knows Wickham will never marry a woman who has no money.
  • She says she has good reason to believe that he has no scruples to speak of.
  • At home, Mrs. Bennet is inconsolable and throwing fits. Mr. Bennet has gone off and Mrs. Bennet believes he will fight Wickham and die, and then the Collinses will move in to their house.
  • Mr. Gardiner assures her that he will go to London immediately to help Mr. Bennet find Lydia.
  • Everybody is really upset, but at least it looks like Lydia really did intend to marry Wickham.
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