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Prince Caspian

Prince Caspian


by C.S. Lewis

Prince Caspian Chapter 1 Summary

The Island

  • We're ba-ack. Narnia! (!!!)
  • Okay, sorry. Just had to get that out of our system.
  • The Four Pevensie children sit at a train station.
  • Once kings and queens of a place called Narnia, they're now heading for boarding school. And if you thought going to school was bad, try going to school after being king or queen of a magic kingdom. Super weak.
  • Lucy feels a tug, then Edmund, and then Peter and Susan.
  • The next moment, the train station is gone, and the children find themselves in a thicket. The Lesson: always be careful in British train stations or you might accidently end up in a magic land. We feel like we've heard that one before.
  • They stumble through the wood and come out in front of a beach and dazzling blue sea.
  • They play for a bit (duh), but soon decide they need to find water. When they explore, they discover they are on an island.
  • They come across a small spring running down from the woods. While drinking and resting beside it, they eat the sandwiches their mother packed them for school.
  • After some discussion, they decide to explore deeper into the woods to see what's on the island with them.
  • First stop: an apple orchard surrounded by old, crumbling stone walls.

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