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Prince Caspian

Prince Caspian


by C.S. Lewis

Prince Caspian Chapter 11 Summary

The Lion Roars

  • Finally, everyone is up and about.
  • Lucy tells her story. Susan and Trumpkin aren't exactly convinced, but Peter says he'll go along. And seeing how Peter is High King and all…
  • They follow Lucy who follows Aslan. Eventually Edmund can see the lion, then Peter, and finally Susan.
  • When they come within sight of Aslan's How, the lion turns to face them. Breathing on the children, he revives their courage.
  • Then he formally introduces himself to Trumpkin by way of a little roughhousing. Although terrified, Trumpkin accepts Aslan's offer of friendship.
  • Aslan commands Peter, Edmund, and Trumpkin to hurry over to Aslan's How and deal with what's happening there.
  • The girls stay with Aslan, and the lion roars.
  • Everyone hears it. The Telmarines are terrified, and the Old Narnians gather strength.
  • The roar brings a procession of gods, deities, and spirits, including Bacchus and the ever-smashed Silenus, out to celebrate Aslan's return.

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